Terms of Service

Ithaca Bound Inc. is operating as EVOO and EVOO App. Ithaca Bound Inc. is federally incorporated in the Country of Canada. In these Terms of Service, when referencing Ithaca Bound Inc., EVOO or EVOO App, they are all treated as one and of the same company. In these Terms of Service you are referred to as “You”. Further, the terms “your”, “customer”, “user”, “customers” & “users” encompasses You.

These Terms of Service were written with the intention of being reasonably understandable.

In these Terms of Service, when referring to You and Ithaca Bound Inc. collectively, they will be referred to as the “Parties”.

  1. Public and non-public information. You are aware that by rating Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOOs) such information will be made public and may be read and distributed by others. If certain input fields won’t be displayed publicly, such information will be disclosed to you either associated to the input field or available for you to restrict or permit such distribution in the My profile section. Further, by using the Platform, basic information that will identify you will be available to the public. This includes such information as your name and country of residency, but doesn’t include, unless you were to provide express consent otherwise, information such as your email address.
  2. Acting in good faith. The logging and cataloguing of EVOOs has benefits to many people and businesses. As such You agree to rate EVOOs in good faith: You will only rate EVOOs you’ve tasted and will act in a good faith manner to act fairly and honestly in rating EVOOs.
  3. Incentivizing. You may request others to rate an EVOO or EVOOs but You agree You will not incentivize or engage another to incentivize the quality of such rating. Incentivizing can include material incentivizes such as: gifts, giving away products, money, providing favours, discounts, services, etc.
  4. Suggestions. EVOO App welcomes ideas and suggestions to improve the Platform and Ithaca Bound Inc., but by making a suggestion, You will do so without any expectation to gain a benefit in exchange for providing the suggestion or idea.
  5. Intellectual property rights. Ithaca Bound Inc. owns the copyright and all other intellectual property rights on the Platform including but not limited to: its software code, the EVOO app brand, & the EVOO app designs.
  6. User content ownership. Despite Section #5 above, You own all of the content (all forms of content including imagery and text) that You input into the Platform. (“User Content”) For operational and other business purposes, the Platform and Ithaca Bound Inc. needs to use this User Content. As such, you grant Ithaca Bound Inc. a world-wide and beyond, commercial, non-revocable, transferable, duplicatable, distributable, royalty-free license to use your User Content.
  7. Posting etiquette. If a user adheres to these Terms of Service, EVOO App does not regulate the content of a rating or other content that a user posts on the Platform. This is done so that reasonable and important feedback is provided which can assist the EVOO community in better understanding EVOOs, and to advance the industry, as a whole. With the above written in this section, EVOO App may, at its sole discretion modify or delete content that it deems inappropriate. (“Inappropriate content”) Inappropriate content can include, but isn’t limited to: URLs to other websites that doesn’t fit the context of the posting, profanity, offensive material, infringements of trademark or copyright, commercial in nature in a way that it’s outside of the context of the purpose of the given posting.
  8. As-is. You agree to use the Platform and Services as-is. Ithaca Bound Inc. doesn’t warrant the accuracy of the content on the Platform nor that the Platform will be available at all times.
  9. Privacy policy. We will not disclose your personal information to any third-parties that are at arm’s length ownership to Ithaca Bound Inc. unless You consent to such disclosure. Personal information that You have inserted into your public profile is considered public information. You may censure such content by deleting your account but Ithaca Bound Inc. can’t control any instances of your information being copied or distributed by others prior to your account being deleted.
  10. Deleting a user account. EVOO App, at its sole discretion, may delete a user from its Platform for any reason including, but not limited to, a violation of these Terms of Service. If a customer account is deleted during a paid service period, the fee for services not yet provided will be reimbursed to the customer at a pro-rated (proportional) amount.
  11. Updates to these terms. Updates to these Terms of Service can occur at any time by You agreeing to the new terms or by EVOO App emailing the new Terms of Service or a link to the new Terms of Service to You. (“Notification”) By continuing to use the Platform after a Notification occurs, You have agreed to the then current Terms of Service.
  12. Contacting EVOO App. You may contact EVOO App at support@evooapp.com.
  13. Enforceability. If a section of this User Notice is deemed by an authoritative judicial body as unenforceable, the Parties agree that the authoritative judicial body, or a body selected by the authoritative body, may amend such section to match the reasonable intent of why the section was created in the first place so that it can then be legally enforceable as it was intended to be.
  14. Indemnity: You will indemnify and hold harmless Ithaca Bound Inc. and its shareholders, officers, directors, employees, and sub-contractors from any and all legal claims that principally occurred because of your action or violation of these Terms of Service.
  15. Maximum liability. If any issue arises, the maximum liability Ithaca Bound Inc. can be liable to You or your associated company or companies, in any and all cases, is for what You or your associated company or companies paid to Ithaca Bound Inc. in the last 12 months from when the issue arose.
  16. Section subtitles. The subtitles of the sections in these Terms of Service are to assist with better formatting and readability but aren’t intended to be legally enforceable.
  17. Jurisdiction. The laws and the courts of Canada and the Province of Ontario, Canada, have jurisdiction over these Terms of Service.
  18. Entire agreement. These Terms of Service supersede any and all other agreements and understandings between You and Ithaca Bound Inc. regarding the subject matter herein, whether verbally, written, implied, or expressed. These Terms of Service can only be amended by both You and Ithaca Bound Inc. agreeing to such amendments in writing and mutually signing, or by what is permissible as per these Terms of Service. Despite the above information in this section, if the User Notice on the Platform contradicts these Terms of Service, these Terms of Service will supersede the User Notice.